If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that make a video?  Every now and then I do some recording of my adventures on the road.  I started with my very first day as a full-time RVer (at the bottom), did a quite a bit of video during my first trip, and have done a little here and there since then.  Videos are not always uploaded here in the order I took them, but they’re organized on this page chronologically from most to least recent.  Look for the *New* tag to see what’s been uploaded most recently.

Note: I do not keep a close watch on comments to YouTube videos, since so much posted there is spam. If you have a comment or question about a video, please contact me through e-mail or comment on my latest blog post, I’m guaranteed to see it either way.

~ Filmed in collaboration with others ~

05/26/16: Living in a Casita Travel Trailer *Recently re-published

  • A tour of Cas and introduction to my lifestyle, filmed with Bob of Cheap RV Living. Was gone from the internet for a while while Bob moved to his own YouTube channel, but as of 10/20/16 it’s back!

01/29/16: Solo Full-time RVing

  • The pros, cons, and considerations of life on the road as a solo, filmed with Chris and Cherie of Technomadia.

12/06/13: Ramblings: Tales from the Nomads – Interstellar Orchard

  • The story of how I came to full-timing and how I earn a living, filmed with Cherie and Chris of Technomadia.

~ Filmed by me ~

01/05/15 to 05/04/15: Texas and Wisconsin

  • Volunteered at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Texas, then up to visit friends and family in Wisconsin.

06/20/14 to 10/09/14: Utah Summer

  • Work-camping at Zion National Park and visiting nearby attractions.  Didn’t take much video the second half of the year, couldn’t tell you why.

04/16/14 to 06/12/14: Georgia Renaissance Festival

  • Explorations around northern Georgia during my acting and singing gig at the renaissance festival.  Then off to Texas to visit Little House Customs while I pin down a job for the summer.

01/01/14 to 04/11/14: Wintering in Florida

  • Spent the winter volunteering for the Ordway-Swisher Biological Station (run by the University of Florida) near Gainesville. This playlist is 42 clips long so grab some popcorn.

10/21/13 to 12/26/13: Back to Amazon

  • Back to Coffeyville, KS for my second peak Amazon season, then down into Texas to get some work done on Cas and escape the cold.

10/15/13 to 10/20/13: Fall in Kansas

  • Two beautiful state parks in Kansas on the way to Amazon.

09/12/13: My Drive To Work

  • A continuous 13 minute video of my drive from Circle 10 Campground to Cedar Pass Lodge in the Badlands, falls in the timeline of the below playlist, but is long enough for its own.

04/17/13 to 10/13/13: Work-camping in the Badlands

  • My summer season at Badlands National Park and other western South Dakota destinations, what a blast!

03/17/13: Hunting Island State Park, SC

  • All about Hunting Island State Park, one of my favorite places.  It was about 35 minutes from the apartment I lived in when I first moved down to South Carolina.  I had to go back while I was working at Lowe’s in Georgia.

12/22/12 to 04/16/13: Wisconsin to Georgia

  • Driving up to Wisconsin for the holidays and then my stint working in Georgia. NOTE: The Hunting Island playlist above falls during this time period, but it had so many videos that it became it’s own playlist.

10/03/12 to 12/22/12: Amazon at Coffeyville, KS

  • These videos were all taken during my first fall working at Amazon, there’s info about Big Chief RV park and also a little about how I cook in my RV.

09/27/12 to 10/01/12: Roaring River State Park, MO

  • One last stop before going to work at Amazon, the water here is amazingly clear.

09/23/12 to 09/26/12: Harry S. Truman State Park, MO

  • There’s still some time before Amazon starts, so with residency out of the way, time for some relaxing!  Now with more rain and storms.  And a really pretty lake.

09/19/12 to 09/21/12: Becoming a South Dakota Resident

  • Setting up my domicile, where I’ll technically “live” while I RV full-time.  Shot in and around Sioux Falls, SD and Big Sioux Recreation Area, a park located on the NE side of town.

09/17/12 to 09/19/12: The Sprint to South Dakota

  • GA to SD: the three day, 1,223 mile drive up to South Dakota.

09/17/12: Leaving Indian Springs

  • A video of how hitching up works, and my last day at Indian Springs.

09/16/12: Day 3 at Indian Springs

  • Hiking, and if you’ve wanted to hear me sing here’s your chance!

09/15/12: Day 2 at Indian Springs

  • A proper campfire!  Now this is what RVing is all about.  Plus some sightseeing.

09/14/12: Takeoff Day!

  • My very first day as a full-timer RVer, from loading up Bertha and Cas, my first moments on the road, to my first camping adventure at Indian Springs State Park, GA.


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