The Adventure


Touring the southwest this fall/winter!

Interstellar Orchard 2017 Travel Map


Interstellar Orchard 2016 Travel Map

Becky goes boondocking out west… and loves it. Total Mileage: working on it


Interstellar Orchard 2015 Travel Map

From Texas to Texas, the long way around. Total Mileage: 6,370


Interstellar Orchard 2014 Travel Map

Go West Young Man! … Woman, whatever. Total Mileage: 4,039


Interstellar Orchard 2013 Travel Map

(You’ll need to click through to Google to see the entire route for 2013, it’s too big to fit on one page in the old maps system)

Life is a highway, I wanna drive it all night long! Okay, maybe not all night ’cause I’d get pretty tired. But a good portion of the day at least. Total Mileage: 5,217

View Interstellar Orchard 2013 in a larger map


Interstellar Orchard 2012 Travel Map

The biggest adventure starts with but a single step. Also known as: All roads lead through Kansas City, at least this year. Total Mileage: 3,032

View Interstellar Orchard 2012 in a larger map

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