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First sunset at our new digs.  Nice!

A Crazy First Day

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The big reveal of where Julie and I are volunteering as Park Hosts for the next two and a half months. Can’t you feel the anticipation? Okay, okay, I’ll knock it off. It’s Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Texas hill country, a little over […]

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Summer Job Reveal

Man, this suspense is killing me, how about you? I received a call Tuesday evening from a person at American Land and Leisure about a Colorado camp host job I’d applied for. That particular job had been filled but he had one other in Colorado that provided the electric hookup I’d need since I can’t […]

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Texas Visit

Saturday, June 14 Despite Cas being ready to go by about 5 pm yesterday, I opt to spend the night at LHC to enjoy a little more time not driving and soaking up the WiFi for online catchup. I am also relieved to report that my DC power problems were just an old dead battery, […]

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Go West

Tuesday, June 10 The road is calling, and I must go! Bright and early I hitch up the RV, a task that isn’t as sweaty as I feared it would be with the clouds rolling in. Then I get on I20 West and…uh, stay on it like forever. Seriously. Alabama comes quickly, Atlanta is always […]

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Ringing in 2014

On the morning of the 28th I’m on the road by noon, having said goodbye to the good folks of Little House Customs. The next few days are driving days with no stops other than overnights. I’m on a mission and nothing will derail me: ringing in 2014 on the shores of the Atlantic with […]

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Bound for Texas

And so it was, that on Christmas morning a small RV pulled out of an icy lot in Kansas, and sensibly, made a beeline south for warmer weather. Wednesday The temp finally creeps above freezing around 11 am and shortly after I’m on the road, having spent a good part of the day before using […]

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