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Bound for Texas

And so it was, that on Christmas morning a small RV pulled out of an icy lot in Kansas, and sensibly, made a beeline south for warmer weather. Wednesday The temp finally creeps above freezing around 11 am and shortly after I’m on the road, having spent a good part of the day before using […]

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Holiday Driving

  Colder weather than expected kept me from leaving Kansas yesterday, so I’m leaving this morning now that the sun is starting to come out. That may seem like a bad deal to have to drive on a holiday, but I’m so grateful that I get to decide where to spend Christmas. Warmer weather tonight […]

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RVing Warning Label

Warning: Life on the road may lead to adventure, a sense of wonder, and a greater understanding of the world at large. Side effects may include but are not limited to: learning new things, meeting new people, and discovering more about yourself. If you should experience excitement, joy, or peace, do not stop and see […]

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Home Stretch

There’s only one week left here at Amazon before I steer south into Texas and then over to Florida, I can’t wait. This week is for tying up loose ends before the next big drive. I’ve got to make sure I have travel friendly food on hand, start putting away and battening down items for […]

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When The Plumbing Freezes

It’s the bane of cold weather RVers everywhere, frozen plumbing. Winterized, a RV can sit outside during the harshest winters and come out next spring unscathed as long as proper care is taken to prepare it, they are really quite tough. When you’re living in it though, the water system is definitely the weak point. […]

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ICQA for CamperForce

This year at Amazon I’m working in ICQA, which I believe stands for inventory control and quality assurance. This department is neither Inbound or Outbound, it falls under the category of Support, but has the same hours and breaks as Outbound. For last year’s run down on Stowing, click here. Disclaimer: As always, this isn’t […]

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The Forecast

Today’s update is going to be quick because time is getting harder and harder to come by now that peak season has hit. I survived Cyber Monday yesterday, and today is day four of a six day in a row stint. The work forecast is calling for overtime up until the end of season, we’re […]

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RVing Clubs

Which are worth joining, and which aren’t. There are a lot of options out there for RVers, and they’re all doing their best to persuade you that they are worth the money spent. After some online research there were two originally that I was planning on enrolling in when I hit the road, but in […]

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Every now and then I write a little about mindfulness and living in the moment and seeing the joy in where you are right now. These messages are always slipped into other posts, they have never stood alone because I’ve found it really hard to communicate exactly what I mean when I talk about these […]

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Debt and RVing

Should or should you not be willing to go into debt to buy your RV? I’m a big fan of avoiding debt at all cost. One of the biggest lures and advantages of RVing is the flexibility. You can change your plans with very little notice. Stay where you are another day if you’re having […]

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Heat tape with foam insulation to keep fresh water hose an filter from freezing

Keeping Warm in my Little RV

Coffeyville had it’s first hard freeze Tuesday night, with a low of 22 and 20 mph winds. Last year, temps like that would have froze my hose up and spelled death for my water filter, but this year thanks to some kind neighbors, I’m borrowing heat tape and have foam insulation for my water hose. […]

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The Good Life

Today I have a question for you all to think about. What does the good life look like to you? If you could have anything you wanted, do anything you desired, live anywhere in the world, and money was not a factor, what would your ideal life look like. I’m fairly certain I spend more […]

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