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Something New

One thing that never ceases to thrill me about traveling is all of the new things I get the opportunity to experience. On Thursday I got to observe a prescribed fire for the first time here at the OSBS, it was a lot of fun! Thursday I’m amazed at what all needs to come together [...]

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My Favorite Part of RVing

A question for all of you RVers and RVing hopefuls out there. What is (or do you think will be) your favorite thing about the lifestyle? This question is a bit tough for me to answer because there are so many things I like about RVing that it’s hard to narrow it down to one [...]

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Relativity (And a car crash)

This post was written two days ago on 1/6. I’m now all caught up and a more regular posting schedule will resume. Up in my hometown in Wisconsin tonight a Wind Chill Warning is in effect, with values as low as -45 to -55 Fahrenheit expected. Thousands of miles to the south, in Melrose, FL [...]

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Holiday Driving

  Colder weather than expected kept me from leaving Kansas yesterday, so I’m leaving this morning now that the sun is starting to come out. That may seem like a bad deal to have to drive on a holiday, but I’m so grateful that I get to decide where to spend Christmas. Warmer weather tonight [...]

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The Forecast

Today’s update is going to be quick because time is getting harder and harder to come by now that peak season has hit. I survived Cyber Monday yesterday, and today is day four of a six day in a row stint. The work forecast is calling for overtime up until the end of season, we’re [...]

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Every now and then I write a little about mindfulness and living in the moment and seeing the joy in where you are right now. These messages are always slipped into other posts, they have never stood alone because I’ve found it really hard to communicate exactly what I mean when I talk about these [...]

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Blizzard Weekend

Friday Shortly before 9 pm, the TV stops working. I think it must be snow accumulation on the dish. When the last blog post went up at 5:30 precipitation had just turned to snow and it was pretty light, it got much heavier after sundown. The lights flicker for a third time as I sit [...]

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Sunsets at the Badlands Inn

Last Wednesday was a moving day. I’m not sure how it works for other RVers, but for me, I never get anything productive done on a moving day except moving. It seems odd that the act of hitching and unhitching, which only spans about 45 minutes typically each way, can fill a full 12 hours [...]

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Rapid City, SD

Morning dawned bright and clear after the amazing lightning storm of the night before. I’d made plans with a coworker to go into Rapid City today, so the nice weather was a welcome relief. With a 8 am departure time on a Monday, traffic remains light along I90 heading west through the prairie. I’ve never [...]

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Having Enough

Recently I received an e-mail from a want-to-be full-timer who wasn’t too far off from retirement age, but wished they could hit the road early. They said money one was one of the factors that kept them from going now, because “you can never have enough”. Allow me to point out that you can, in [...]

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