Phragmites I

Protecting RV Plumbing in Winter

Or perhaps more accurately: Protecting RV Plumbing in Winter, when you’re living in it. As those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter already know, the temperature on Friday night got down to 25 degrees. I knew that was going to be cold enough to potentially do damage to Cas’s plumbing so I […]

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When Life Throws You Lemons

The astute reader might have noticed that I tend to update on Mondays and Thursdays. I don’t advertise this fact because traveling changes it, and even when stationary as I am now, I bet something would come up that prevented me from doing so if I ever were to advertise those as my update days. […]

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Peak Kick Off at Amazon

I don’t think people are meant to work nights, or at least wonky things happen to me on this schedule sometimes. I say this because I’ve been laying in bed for over two hours, perfectly awake – all attempts to fall asleep amounting to nothing more than daydreaming. This is the second time in a […]

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Setting Up South Dakota Residency for RVers (Pt. 2)

This is the second half of a series for full-timers who are planning on making South Dakota their state of residence. If you missed the first half please read it first. Disclaimer: This information was correct to the best of my knowledge when this post was published in November 2012, but laws and prices (and links) […]

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Setting Up South Dakota Residency for RVers (Pt. 1)

How to choose a mail forwarding service, and what you need to become a resident of South Dakota. This has been long overdue, I briefly mentioned in my write up about Big Sioux that it cost me a total of $382 to register my vehicles (this was back in 2012) but never explained why, and […]

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Music For The Road

Whenever I get a post comment from someone who links to their blog using CommentLuv I make a point of peeking at it, I’m nosy like that. Last time I updated, it was Tricia over at Geeky Explorers who commented and unknowingly subjected her site to my prying eyes. One of the first things that stood […]

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Working Nights

Adjusting to working nights hasn’t been overly difficult for me. I’m a night owl by nature and have always had a tendency to stay up late and wake up late given the choice. So when I learned that I could make a little extra money at Amazon by working the night shift, I was all […]

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Ahoy Landlubber!

A couple days ago I was browsing the forums and I came across a topic: Best thing about my RV is…  The post had many responses. Some listed features directly related to their RV, like a large gallery, good mpg, low price, lots of sleeping space, or 1.5 bathrooms. Others said things that apply […]

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Two Weeks Into CamperForce

I’m now finished with my second week of Amazon’s program for work campers, so far I’m enjoying myself. Since many readers are asking for another update, here it is. Disclaimer: Again, this isn’t official information. It may not work like this at other sites. It may not work like this at this site next year, […]

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Now With More Video

So I’ve been recording little bits of video since I took off last month, and now the first set is available for your viewing pleasure! I can write and write about how my first days on the road went, but some things are best experienced first hand. Now you can be a passenger and watch […]

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