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We’re All Human

Spring is definitely in the air here just outside of Atlanta, GA. It was hot and sunny on Saturday, storming by Monday, wind advisory on Tuesday, and that night we had a freeze warning. Now the days are warming up little by little again. This weekend looks like it is going to be nice for [...]

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Melrose, FL to Fairburn, GA

Friday April 11 Beginnings and endings are what we remember the most. The start of something and the end of something, that hangs around in the memory clearly after that stage of life is over, while the middle tends to becomes one long blur. Yesterday was my last day working at the OSBS, and the [...]

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Jekyll Island, GA

Friday April 4th By now, I have made the trek up to Bluffton to meet up with Julie to carpool to Atlanta somewhere near eight times. That’s 16 times I’ve driven up and down I95 through Georgia… and every time I’ve gotten to exit 29 and seen signs for Jekyll Island and thought “Hmm, I [...]

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Flexibility: A Double Edge Sword

Ahh flexibility. One of the most adored aspects of full-time RVing. Without a house or apartment to worry about paying bills for, or a long term job that expects you to work 50 out of 52 weeks a year, you are free. Free to go where you want, when you want, and stay as long [...]

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Ichetucknee Springs State Park, FL

Friday March 28 For the first time since rehearsals started in February, I’ve got a weekend off. Oh, I still need to drive up to Atlanta for Monday’s rehearsal, but there isn’t one on Sunday this week. I have some precious free time, and I know exactly what I’m going to do with it. Florida [...]

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Something New

One thing that never ceases to thrill me about traveling is all of the new things I get the opportunity to experience. On Thursday I got to observe a prescribed fire for the first time here at the OSBS, it was a lot of fun! Thursday I’m amazed at what all needs to come together [...]

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Last summer I wrote two postsĀ about one of the biggest challenges I faced when getting on the road: making friends and finding a sense of community. Not just engaging in passing conversations with fellow campers about our RVs or the weather, but making real connections. I am one of those people who prefers deeper connections [...]

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Self Renewal

This week has been about finding moments for myself amidst the chaos, a challenge that has been made easier by the explosion of life and color down here in Florida. Spring foliage is coming out in earnest now, and to me spring has always been synonymous with renewal and recharging. The extra hour of sunlight [...]

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Your Most Anticipated RVing Destinations

The prospect of heading out West this fall has got me thinking about all of the neat places I want to visit while I’m out that way: the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, redwood forests, the northwest coast, boondocking in the Southwest desert and checking out Quartzsite, and just about every National Park in Utah. I [...]

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Full-time RVer Health Insurance

Twice in the past month or so I have gotten questions from readers who were wondering how the Affordable Healthcare Act (also referred to as ObamaCare) changed the playing field for full-time RVers. In truth I have long toyed with the idea of writing more on health insurance for pre-retirement full-timers. But then I would [...]

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