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California Delta

Last post focused on meeting Piper, now I want to share with you all this area I’ve been camping in. I had no idea what to expect when I got here, I just selected it for the convenient distance from where the visit was going to take place. As it turns out, it’s a pretty […]

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Saturday, April 23 As I was finishing up yesterday’s blog post in the evening, typing away on the computer, the sky grew dark prematurely. Hmm, I wonder if this is… Yep, the reason why I decided to travel today instead of Friday. A mass of dark clouds looms behind the mountains to the west. A […]

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Down By the River

Monday, April 18 Morning sun glints off the water, the Mallard couple are lounging on a rock nearby, and a breeze rustles the leaves of the cottonwoods. I’m happily engrossed in a book, enjoying the peace and quiet that comes after the weekend when a new sound breaks the silence. It takes me a while […]

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Keyesville Recreation Site, CA

Friday, April 15 (continued) After confirming the check engine light is nothing serious, I turn northeast on 178 out of Bakersfield, CA. A barren and rugged fold of mountains lies ahead. I’d heard from the internet that this drive was scenic, but you never really know what you’re going to get until you see it […]

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Castaic, CA

Wednesday, April 13 With the home visit out of the way, I’m free to leave the Acton KOA and seek cheaper and and more natural accommodations. But where to go? There aren’t many free camping options near Los Angeles, space is at a premium as evidenced by the high nightly rates. The Angeles National Forest […]

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Spilling The Beans

After a fantastic hike among the rocks at the back of Sawtooth campground on Wednesday the 6th (the pictures in the previous post), it rains for the rest of my stay. Not all day, never very hard, but the sky remains overcast and and the air is chill. Because of the lack of sunlight I […]

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There’s No Forcing Art

Every now and then, I sit in front of the computer to write a blog post, and nothing comes. Sometimes pushing through the resistance works. Sometimes having patience and trying again later works. And sometimes, nothing does. I’ve always viewed blogging as an art form. You can’t force art. If you try, the final product […]

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Campground Life

Sunday, April 3 Sawtooth Campground is a busy place come the weekend. It should be no surprise, the weather is about perfect and this spot is within a reasonable driving distance from LA. Rock climbers and families from the city come out for a chance to get away and the campground fills to over capacity. […]

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New Jack City, CA

Thursday, March 31 I said goodbye to my friends and their adorable kitties as they pulled out on Monday and hooked up and pointed Bertha’s nose into the coming windstorm. I don’t think the gusts got up to 65 mph like the weathermen were predicting, but the Casita was rocking. That night was only one […]

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Boondocking Safety

Multiple people have asked in comments recently about safety while boondocking so I thought I’d write my thoughts about it here where everyone can see. In short, I don’t think boondocking is any less safe than any other kind of camping. The lower population density out in the desert means fewer marks for criminals, and […]

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Joshua Tree Rocks

March 25, Friday It’s been sunny and breezy at my camp near Joshua Tree, CA. While the sunsets haven’t been as spectacular the past couple days, the golden hour never disappoints. I like the town, too. It has a quirky combination of thrift and vintage stores, outfitters, artsy shops and cafes, and three highly rated […]

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Not Just a Sunset

So far, the boondocking experiment has been going amazingly well. My 100w of solar is getting the job done, I’ve learned to stretch my holding tanks and propane for 3 weeks. I’m having a blast, and I’m not breaking the bank. I’ve been at the dry lake bed near Joshua Tree (the town) in southern […]

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