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Boondocking outside Ehrenberg, AZ

Ahoy and Welcome!

What the heck is Interstellar Orchard about you ask? A few things really.

This site is about RVing.

Full-time travel in a small RV, solo, and on a budget to be more precise. My name is Becky Schade, and I hit the road in September 2012 at the age of 28 in my 17′ Casita travel trailer. You can read more about my RV and the truck that tows it on the Rig page.

Instead of following the masses and suffering through the daily 9 to 5 grind of work until retirement, I said screw the status-quo and started working on my dreams of perpetual travel, exploration, and adventure.

I am not rich. I’ve made less than $30,000 a year my whole adult life, and since hitting the road I’ve thrived on about $16,000 a year. I am not a genius. I was a truly average student in high school and college, no honors courses or distinctions of merit here. What I am though is determined to make my life the best it can be, no holds barred. And if I can do it, so can you. And no, it need not involve deprivation or unnecessary risk. Which brings me to the next point:

Super Bowl 2017 – RVer style

This site is about living a deliberate life.

How many people do you suppose spend more time planning a two week vacation then they do planning their lives? I was totally one of those people. But then I had a wake up call, an epiphany, an “ah-hah!” moment. Just because most people live that way doesn’t mean we have to.

Going full-time RVing was my big dream, the one thing I couldn’t not do. What’s yours? Have you even given yourself permission to think about it before?

It’s time to start taking your dreams very seriously. It’s been proven: on their deathbeds, people regret the things they never got around to trying more than the mistakes they may have made. This site will show you how to turn your dreams into reality and lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

What to do next

Ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole?

First, head on over to the Resources page for a list of the most popular and helpful content on IO.

Hiking Rock Creek, Bishop, CA

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Click the Adventure tab to see where I am now and places I’ve been in the past, and take a peek at the Videos page for footage of my adventure.

Connect through any of the social media platforms listed below. Read through the comments on blog posts – many readers are experienced RVers themselves and have a lot to add to the original content. Write a comment yourself and join the IO community.

And lastly, if you know of someone else who might find this site helpful, share IO with your friends.


What’s that? You want to know more about the man behind the mask woman behind the website? Well, I’m a Pisces, in my old life use to work with monkeys…no, not in childcare, actual monkeys. I’m an outdoors enthusiast who loves to hike, and also something of a fantasy/sci-fi and gamer geek.


Imperial Sand Dunes, AZ

Do you have questions about full-timing? Want to know more about deliberate and simple living? The Resources page links to the most helpful content I’ve written and covers everything from how to earn a living on the road, to what to do about mail and insurance while traveling, how to broach the topic of full-timing with relatives, what to do when you want to change your life but feel paralyzed by fear, plus a lot more. If you have questions, that’s the best place to start. Check it out!

I do enjoy hearing from other RVers/RVing hopefuls and those who are living an unconventional life and can be contacted by the below methods. Just don’t expect a lightning fast response, I don’t live on my computer and sometimes camp in areas without a phone signal.

E-mail: becky <AT> interstellarorchard . com (without the spaces and with an @ sign, I had to delete the contact form because I was getting too much spam from robots.

Facebook: @InterstellarOrchard – Please respect my privacy and do not try to Friend my personal account, all the fun travel stuff is on the IO one anyway. 🙂

YouTube: InterstellarOrchard

Instagram: @interstellarorchard

RVillage: BeckySchade

A Note On Drop Ins and Meet Ups: I love you all very much, but there’s a reason why I choose the written word as my main method of communication. I’m an introverted and private individual and face-to-face conversation with people I don’t know is draining on me. If you want to come visit in person, please contact me online first and ask. Please don’t show up and expect that I’ll have hours to spend chatting as writing keeps me quite busy. If I’m at a rally or gathering of some sort, I do try my best to get out and mingle, but I only have so much energy for these activities each day before I need my alone time. Thank you for understanding!

Summiting Mt. Elbert, CO. 14,433 ft.

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