Moving Madness

Hello everyone! Quick update while I’m in the middle of the madness that is moving. All the big stuff and some of the small stuff left for the storage facility this morning in the moving truck, what’s left is either going into the Casita or is going to have to make it’s way to the storage facility in the back of my truck because we didn’t get all of it packed up in time, whoops. We have until the 30th to get everything out of the apartment and cleaned, so the next 2-3 days are still going to be quite busy.

The Casita made it to Stoney Crest on Wednesday without a problem, I uploaded a picture of it to Facebook which can be seen through that little Facebook icon on the right side of the page, but sadly don’t have the time at the moment to add pictures to this post. I have been taking pictures as I go though, so expect a plethora of them once things have cooled down a little.

Everything I’ve been able to test in it so far seem to be working fine, time will tell. I just hooked up the water an hour ago and will be checking on it in a bit to make sure I don’t have visible leaks in any of the plumbing.

We ended up staying at the apartment last night so tonight will officially be my first night living in it. It’s all very exciting. And hectic. And crazy. And a bit stressful. But all in all, pretty amazing.

Thanks for sticking with me this far, and stay tuned for further updates.

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