Alabama Hills: Lone Pine, CA

Wednesday, May 25 I’m a typing fiend in the morning, catching up on comments and e-mails bright and early before leaving for my next camp, which by all accounts has very marginal phone reception not suitable for getting online. By 10 I’m finally hitched up and rolling down the washboard road out of Sawtooth Canyon […]

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Boondocking Answers

Are you wondering where to find good boondocks? What you should do to prepare before arriving? How to stretch your resources for a longer stay? How to stay safe out in the boonies? Well this is the article for you. I’ve written about most of these subjects before, but the individual posts eventually fall off […]

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Quiet Days at Sawtooth

Monday, May 16 (continued) I had mixed emotions about coming back to Sawtooth Canyon Campground. When I started boondocking in January, I’d decided somewhat arbitrarily that I didn’t want to visit the same camp twice in the same year. There are so many great places to see, and to me one of the points of […]

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Back To The Desert

Friday, May 13 After dry camping in parking lots in the town of Gilroy for three uneventful days, sandwiched between mountain ranges where the weather is more reasonable, I finally get word from the rescue on where Jessica needs to go. East of LA. Back south into the desert. It throws a wrench into my […]

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The Waiting Game

As a full-time RVer, I have more leeway in where and how I spend my time. I can decide what part of the year I want to work, and what part I want to travel. I can more or less decide where I want to travel. I do have more freedom than the stationary person […]

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Mt. Madonna County Park, CA

Saturday, May 7 My time at Park Delta Bay is up and early in the afternoon I make the two and a half hour drive to Mt. Madonna County Park, part of the Santa Clara park system south of San Jose. At $40 a night it isn’t cheap, but it’s no more expensive than Delta […]

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Taking A Break

The short of the matter is things didn’t work out with with the rescue dog. She’s a good dog, the problem was mine. I feel really awful about the whole situation, and I need a break from the internet for a while to heal. I won’t be responding to comments on this post and will […]

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California Delta

Really┬áI had no idea what to expect when I got here, I just selected it for the convenient distance from where the visit was going to take place. As it turns out, it’s a pretty cool and unique place. I’m staying at Park Delta Bay, right across the “street” from the San Joaquin River. Street […]

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Saturday, April 23 As I was finishing up yesterday’s blog post in the evening, typing away on the computer, the sky grew dark prematurely. Hmm, I wonder if this is… Yep, the reason why I decided to travel today instead of Friday. A mass of dark clouds looms behind the mountains to the west. A […]

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Down By the River

Monday, April 18 Morning sun glints off the water, the Mallard couple are lounging on a rock nearby, and a breeze rustles the leaves of the cottonwoods. I’m happily engrossed in a book, enjoying the peace and quiet that comes after the weekend when a new sound breaks the silence. It takes me a while […]

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Keyesville Recreation Site, CA

Friday, April 15 (continued) After confirming the check engine light is nothing serious, I turn northeast on 178 out of Bakersfield, CA. A barren and rugged fold of mountains lies ahead. I’d heard from the internet that this drive was scenic, but you never really know what you’re going to get until you see it […]

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Castaic, CA

Wednesday, April 13 With the home visit out of the way, I’m free to leave the Acton KOA and seek cheaper and and more natural accommodations. But where to go? There aren’t many free camping options near Los Angeles, space is at a premium as evidenced by the high nightly rates. The Angeles National Forest […]

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